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Welcome! UIU’s Henderson-Wilder图书馆 is a unique merger of a 1901 Carnegie library and a 1960s library wing addition creating over 4000 square feet of collection and study space. 这栋建筑有超过94人,000 volumes across three floors and is home to the University Archives and many historical items from the Civil War to present. Library databases and services are also available online for those students who are attending a center or studying online.

168体育图书馆的工作人员在这里为学生提供支持, 所有信息和学习领域的教职员工. 168体育亦欢迎市民浏览馆藏及档案.

Library Services

  • Computer lab on 2nd floor with 20 computers available for use by UIU patrons. 检查图书馆的可用房间和预订信息.
  • 通过馆际互借, the Library provides access to available published material circulated throughout the United States. Contact [email protected] for assistance.
  • 教育课程实验室包含K-12教科书, tests, 以及教育专业使用的资源材料. Contact [email protected] for assistance.
  • GEER技术设备检查. UIU students enrolled at an Iowa location (or an online student living in Iowa) may check out a laptop for 1 term (16 weeks) or an iPad for 1 session (8 weeks). 供应有限,先到先得. 运输可在请求者的费用. 提交一份技术设备申请
  • 视听室可供UIU的顾客使用. 检查图书馆的可用房间和预订信息
  • The Sensory Room, 由学生无障碍服务提供, is a therapeutic space for students with sensory issues to decompress and confront their brain’s negative reaction to external stimuli.
  • Information Literacy Sessions are available to classes as well as individuals to learn how to use library resources. Contact [email protected] 欲知详情.
  • 可提供覆膜服务. Please check with the library when your lamination will be able to be completed. The laminate is 25″ wide; the cost is $.08/running inch.
  • 亨德森-怀尔德图书馆提供免费访问美国.S. government publications by housing a federal government documents depository. Contact [email protected] for assistance.
  • The Kinney Room has an extensive collection of childrens’ and young adult books, 包括获奖者.
  • 通过爱荷华州开放获取计划, UIU patrons can use their library cards to borrow materials from other participating Iowa libraries. Contact [email protected] 欲知详情.
  • Iowa Workforce Development’s Virtual Access Point Software is loaded onto three public access computers located by the Circulation Desk for use by anyone.
  • 168体育随时欢迎社区人士和市民参与.

Library Policies

Book Return

Please use the book drop on the southeast corner of the library if materials need to be returned when the library is not open.

Cell Phone

Upon entering the library, we ask that you set your cell phone to silent or vibrate. 为身边的同学着想. You may take or make a call in an empty room or the entryway of the library.


Checkout times:

  • Print materials, except periodicals and Reference, may be checked out for 28 days.
  • 音像资料(DVD、VHS、CD)可借阅7天.
  • Reserve materials located at the circulation desk check out for 4-hours and must be used in the library unless otherwise specified.
  • Due dates for interlibrary loan items are determined by the loaning library.

Fines and Fees:

  • Henderson-Wilder图书馆 is no longer collecting overdue fines on most items.
  • Patrons are still responsible for returning or renewing the items by the due date.
  • Courtesy notices will be sent by e-mail to patrons 5 days before the due date to remind them to return or renew their items.
  • 逾期罚款仍会适用于储物及馆际借阅资料:
    • 预定项目:1美元.每小时00元/件,10元.00 limit
    • ILL:逾期罚款由借阅图书馆的政策决定
  • 顾客须承担物品遗失或损坏的相关费用:
    • Items not returned after 90 days (30 days for audiovisual material) will be marked as lost, 顾客将收取更换和加工物品的费用.
  • Fee statements for lost or damaged items are sent each term to the patron’s e-mail address if previously not paid. Fees not paid by the end of the school year are turned over to the business office to be billed to student’s account.  Before exiting UIU, all fines and fees are expected to be paid, or materials returned.
  • Fees for lost items will be forgiven if item is returned in good condition.


  • Use tops or lids on beverage containers (coffee cups with lids, twist top bottles, travel mugs).
  • 不要携带油腻、黏腻、易碎或有香味的食物.
  • Use care when consuming food and drink while using computers and library materials.
  • 请有礼貌并报告泄漏, clean-up crumbs, 将所有垃圾和回收物放入适当的垃圾箱.

About the Library

Mission Statement

Henderson-Wilder图书馆’s mission is to support 上爱荷华大学’s undergraduate and graduate academic programs by providing a full range of information resources and services that encourage learning, study, research, 和协作. 图书馆提供对馆藏的访问, 无论是纸质版还是在线版, 符合课程要求, 整个大学的研究和合作需求.

Vision Statement

Henderson-Wilder图书馆 will provide library services to the total university; not just Fayette Campus, 还有国内的中心和, increasingly, 还有国际中心.

Library History

From 1857-1901, 伊利诺伊大学只有文学学会和系图书馆, and for a short time there was a library housed in College Hall (now Alexander-Dickman). 1900年安德鲁·卡内基捐了25美元,为了纪念他的朋友,他花了1万美元建了一个图书馆, David B. 亨德森是美国第一任议长.S. 来自密西西比西部的众议院议员. Mr. Henderson had attended UIU in 1861 but did not finish his college studies as he left Upper Iowa to fight in the Civil War. The David B. Henderson Library, 在高高的地下室上面的两层楼房, 长87英尺,宽70英尺, 11月11日, 1902, 在总统就职典礼上. Thomas J. Bassett. The office of the President and the Treasurer were located on the first floor.

1961年,图书馆增加了三楼的书库区. In 1969 the library was renamed Henderson-Wilder图书馆 when the Wilder addition was added with major renovations to the old Carnegie building, 增加总平方英尺到43,563. 怀尔德是为了纪念弗兰克·怀尔德而命名的, class of 1897, and his wife Mary whose estate gifts made completion of the addition possible.

Statue of David B. Henderson

1902年爱荷华州州长拉里比委任J. 梅西·莱因德为大卫·B. 亨德森,一座青铜,另一座砖石. 原始铜像, 位于克莱蒙特的主街, Iowa, 被Max-Cast Foundry用来复制UIU的雕像, Kalona, Iowa. 伊利诺伊大学的雕像于1994年落成. 这座砖石雕像是为路易斯安那州圣. Louis, Missouri. 并于1905年运往爱荷华州得梅因市的州立博物馆. This statue has not yet been found as it was considered an item in storage.


Academic Support

Get the support you need for successful studies through tutoring or accommodations for a disability.


Under Section 110 of the Copyright Act, as revised and expanded by the TEACH Act of 2002,
教师可以在在线课程中使用受版权保护的材料. 有一些要求

  • 使用的材料是专门为课堂上的学生准备的.
  • 只有那些学生才能接触到这些材料.
  • The materials are directly related and of material assistance to the teaching content.
  • 该课程是上爱荷华大学常规课程的一部分.
  • A notice stating that the materials are protected by copyright will be included.
  • The students’ ability to further distribute the materials will be limited.
  • The materials will be made available to the students only for a period of time that is
  • Copies of the materials other than the one needed to make the transmission will not be